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Terence tse Fuze Reps

Portrait of Terence outside our ivy-ish wall


Don’t let Terence’s mohawk and enthusiasm distract you – this Vancouver native has been using design and creative thinking to develop relationships and blow minds for over 20 years! He will be lending his expertise as a judge for 2017 PAC Canadian Leadership Awards Competition . Since he’s brand new to us at FUZE, we naturally had a few questions for him:

Q: If you didn’t work in advertising, what would you have wanted to do? 

Well, when I was growing up, I thought of either being a lawyer or a gym teacher. These days… a sand and snow bum! Winters in Whistler and and summers in Australia.

Q: What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Start with hockey or triathlon in the morning, nap in the afternoon, and finish the day with my wife and kids over dinner.



Q: Favourite song? 

“Happily ever after
How could I ask for more?
A lifetime of laughter
At the expense of the death of a bachelor”

Death of a Bachelor
Panic! At the Disco

To contact, email terence(@) fuzereps (dot) com




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