Amanda’s European Tour!

We love this city and our work, but sometimes we need to get out and explore this incredible world out there. For almost a month in December-January, Amanda MacInnis and her new husband Sterling travelled Europe on a honeymoon of a lifetime. She came back, starry-eyed and giddy (or just severely jet lagged) and shared her favourite memories and best travel tips with us.

Q: What was your itinerary? How did you two decide where to go? 

We started in Rome (top of my bucket list) on to Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague. I was lucky – I said I wanted to go to all these places and he said, “Me too!”. In particular Sterling wanted to go to Germany and the Netherlands (really, Amsterdam). A stop over in Brussels was an added bonus – beautiful! 

Deciding was based on rave reviews about these cities from other people and our friends over the years. If I did the same trip 5 years ago, some of the choices would have definitely been different (as I would not have heard about them).


Q: So many cities in just 3.5 weeks – do have a favourite day/moment/place? 

WAY too much eye candy to pick a favourite! The best overall was blindly spending a day exploring each city with no map. Turning a corner to see another picturesque monument in Rome, stumbling into a street market in Amsterdam, standing amongst ornate spectacles of Grand-Place in Brussels… Endless favourite moments.

Travel Tip: food tours are the best. Local food curated by a local, history lesson and hidden gem finder. 

The most impactful was visiting the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, just north of Berlin. Walking in the footsteps of 200,000 political prisoners on a blustering cold (January) winter day is a truly humbling and mindful experience.  


Q: Was there a sort of the soundtrack to this journey?

Does the BBC count? LOL! European TV leaves you with a slight lack of English entertainment (but the BBC was everywhere). We were plenty up to speed on the news of the world.


Q: What would you say, was the most essential thing to pack while you travelled?

  1. North American cold meds.
  2. An old phone. When your phone is stolen, that hand me down tech comes in *super* handy.


Q: A lot of your visits were documented on Instagram. What  were your favourite posts? 

1) Because Rome.

4) La Grand-Place has a grand place in my heart.
Thank you Amanda!

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