Nothing sets the feel of a good shoot- heck, even just to start the day – than a good tune or two. In no order and running the gamut of genres (we’re only missing EDM), here are some of our favourite tunes #summer2017 getting us through this crazy weather. What are you listening to? Let us know in the comments below!


1. All We Got / Chance The Rapper

2. Fan the Flames / Gregory Porter (requires Spotify account)
3. Tennessee Whiskey / Chris Stapleton

4. Feels / Calvin Harris (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean)

5. Summer Time – DJ Jazzy Jeff + Fresh Prince

6. Cruel Summer / Bananarama

7. Club Tropicana / Wham

8. Don’t Stop Me Now / Queen

9. I Want to Conquer the World / Bad Religion

10. WannaBe in LA / Eagles of Death Metal

11. More than a Feeling / Boston

12. Superfreak / Rick James

13.  No Ordinary Love / Sade

14. Sexual Healing / Marvin Gaye

15. Train Song / Vashti Bunyan

16.Générique / Miles Davis (Ascenseur pour l’échafaud OST)

17. Live and Learn / Joe Public

We welcome Helen Yousif to the FUZE family! Our freshest face comes with 9 years of experience in the Toronto creative industry and a penchant for internet-famous pets. Naturally, we had a few questions:

Q: If you had a super power, what would it be? 
A: I would want to be able to speak and understand every language. Not the most exciting but SO useful.

Q: If you could do anything in the world, with limitless time and wealth, what would you do? 
A: I love what I do…. so I can’t think of anything else? Although, with limitless time….. I would be a professional Netflix watcher.

Q: Is there a series you’re really into right now?
A: Obviously Game of Thrones. I like how they ruthlessly kill off main characters, keeping me on my toes because NO ONE IS SAFE! Also recently really into Rupaul’s Drag Race (scroll to bottom for more of Helen’s fave GIFs from the show).

Rupauls Drag Race Television Gif By RealitytvGIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Q: Name one thing most people don’t know about you?
A: Well, most people are surprised I like UFC. I have an older brother, so I grew up watching wrestling. I enjoy watching grown men beat each other up, what can I say?

Q: So, we’re stalked your social media and it looks like you’re a pet-lover. 
A: I have one cat. She’s about 8 years old. One day, I was at a friend’s place and we heard meowing. She was a kitten then, and trapped in a tree, meowing non stop. We rescued her, but she kept coming back to the house. I took it as it was meant to be since my friend couldn’t keep her. I didn’t know what to name her, so we kept calling names at her. She looked up when my friend said “Steve” – so Stevie is her name. And yes, I’ve met Tuna and Lil Bub.

Q: That’s adorable! We see you’re a music fan as well. Favourite band of all time? 
A: Definitely Tool. The album that started it all was Aenima. Still one of my favourite albums of all time.

Q: Ok, last one. What are listening to right now? 
A: You’re in Love with a Psycho is my current fave single by Kasabian. The whole album is great.

Thanks Helen! Bonus Drag Race GIFs for your weekend:

Season 5 Hair Flip GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race S5 - Find & Share on GIPHY

Rupauls Drag Race Suicide Drop GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


The Cannes Lions was just last week (17 – 23 June 2017) but we’re still over the moon about Arash Moallemi‘s shoot with IKEA Canada winning a couple of Lions, and social media mentions from FastCo, Mashable, Huffington Post, Design Boom (and even the official Cannes Lions Twitter!).

This unbelievable response to Cook This Page, was led by Anthony Chelvanathan of Leo Burnett Toronto, so naturally we called up Arash to find out what the process was like, and to share some behind the scenes shots :

“It was a standalone, one day shoot where we had to execute every recipe in the book in both motion and stills. To keep it tight, we made sure the set was optimized to shoot both genres at the same time.

It almost didn’t happen, because the ink had to be food safe but a printer finally pulled through and everything fell into place. A year of planning had gone into this so on the day of the shoot, Anthony C and Lisa G knew exactly what they were looking for and the direction the shoot had to go in. For me, I didn’t have to guess and it was easy to set up for the next shot and so on. It was plain execution, no need to “figure it out”. On the day of the shoot we let the wood surface set the tone for the overall feel.

What makes me happiest is delivering on Anthony’s “baby”. As a commercial DP and photographer, my job is to realize my clients goal and this is an example where it went really well.”

Content has been condensed and edited for brevity. 



If you’ve been following us on all the usual social channels, you’ll know that we’ve launched IN:FUZE! This is FUZE Reps’s latest extension to develop up-and-coming talent. We welcome Jeff Carlson and Chris Robinson to the family! See a sample of their work below. Better yet, check out for all the freshness.

Below: Jeff CARLSON’s sparkling still life and off figure work.


Below: Chris Robinson got our attention with his punchy, humorous composition and edits.



It was hot, sweaty and windy. Arash Moallemi had flown down to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas to shoot an engine prototype for Ford, unsure of what he was walking into.

Pierre Bourjo, had recently accepted a new project for to create an interactive 3D model. The idea for Ford’s new engine prototype seemed simple enough – tap and zoom in with your fingers to see details from all angles of an object suspended in space. And then you find out there are no blueprints, no references, but the only physical prototype in North America was somewhere in Dallas for show. To somehow bring back all the details, Pierre figured photogrammetry was the solution. Simply put photogrammetry is a process of creating a digital model from hundreds of photographs.

When Arash arrived, the engine was under a tent on grass. He had a couple of hours to shoot before the fair began, keeping in mind all the supporting plates Pierre will require to build the animation. Arash said, “The engine was on a podium that didn’t spin. So this meant that we had to mark our distances and shoot around it in 360….It was a challenging shoot as technically I had to do my best to be perfect, but the engine was crooked (as it was sitting on grass), the wind was crazy high and kept ripping up the background paper and knocking it down. It was so hot and humid even this Middle Eastern boy had to take a water break between each set of images. [Finally] Got all the images in the bag, just in time for the fair to open.”



The solution of photogrammetry was a little risky – would any parts be missing or incomplete? There was no opportunity to reshoot. Armed with tons of visual references, Pierre started to build. To produce a fully controllable model with fleshed out details, he created some sculpts but also entirely recreated all details, so it was clear and precise when viewed at various angles, or zoomed in.

He says, “In the span of a few weeks, I processed the base shape of the 3D engine from the photographs, modelled additional parts by hand and fine tuned the textures to ensure everything was optimized for real time interaction. The client was able to carefully inspect the 3D model onscreen throughout the process and I made the necessary changes to reflect the product accurately.

Over 1 million polygons later and after perfecting the high resolution texture maps, the result is one of the most detailed interactive model we have seen of its kind. Just a perfect engine in space. It’s always rewarding to push new technology to its limits with a successful outcome!”