What does F stand for you ask? It’s Food. And Foraging and Findings and Fads and Flaunt and Flourish and Fascination… The list goes on. F is what you make of it, to us it’s going behind the scenes and getting up close and personal. Our goal is to bring you inside the creative process, studios, locations and minds of the splendid photographers we represent. It’s a vast world of creativity to explore and we want to take you with us!



FUZE Reps is a full service photography, CGI and motion management agency with award-winning work commissioned by a worldwide range of advertising agencies, design firms, editorials and corporations. Covering every industry category including food, animals, lifestyle, automotive, still life, children, portraits, sports, fashion, underwater and architecture.

Offering quality first-class production for stills, motion and interactive content, ensuring each project is carried out with efficiency and attention to detail. Providing all of our services with professionalism by respecting budget, meeting deadlines and creatively solving problems, all while making sure to have some fun along the way.

Adrian Armstrong | Rob Fiocca | Steve Krug | Hamin Lee
 | Arash Moallemi | Sandy Nicholson | Vincent Noguchi
Jim Norton | Carlyle Routh | Maya Visnyei | CGI: Pierre Bourjo

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